Alphabetic Index For Village of Ferryville Ordinances
Chapter 1---Board Meetings, General Rules, Ordinances
Chapter 2---Officials, Board of Review, Plan Commission
Chapter 3---Police, Civil Defence and Fire Department
Chapter 4---Traffic Code
Chapter 5---Street and Sidewalks
Chapter 6---Finance and Taxation
Chapter 7---Sewers
Chapter 8---Public Nuisances
Chapter 9---Orderly Conduct
Chapter 10--Health and Sanitation
Chapter 11A-Floodplain Ordinance
Chapter 11B-Shoreland-Wetland Zoning
Chapter 12--Licenses and Permits
Chapter 13--Construction, Effects of Ordinances, Penalty Provisions
Chapter 14--Building Permits Detached Structures
Chapter 15--Building Regulations-Dwelling Permits
Chapter 16--Recycling
Chapter 17--Room Tax
Chapter 18--Regulations for Village Parks and Boat Landing
Chapter 19--Cemetery
Chapter 20--Sub-Divisions and Platting
Chapter 21--Erosion Control / Land Distrubance
Chapter 22--Comprehensive Plan
Chapter 23--Citation
Numeric Index For Village of Ferryville Ordinances
Chapter 24--Non-Metallic Mining Regulations
Chapter 25--Broadband Network Project Applications
Chapter 26--Fair Housing Ordinance