Village Board Meeting Minutes

Village of Feryville
DATE: June 21, 2017

Present: President Al Kirchner
Trustee Jeanne Rutter, Trustee Tom Chernouski
Clerk, Larry Quamme, EMR President, Brenda Torger-Vassar

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Village President Al Kirchner. Trustees Jeanne Rutter and Tom Chernouski were present, as was Larry Quamme, Village Clerk-Treasurer and Brenda Torger-Vassar, EMR President.
2. Certification of Open Meeting Law Requirements: Larry confirmed that lawful notice of the public meeting had been posted on the official posting board on 6-16-2017 and in the 3 other designated locations in the Village and posted on
3. Approve Agenda: Jeanne moved that the agenda be approved as posted. Tom seconded the motion. The motion carried.
4. Approve Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Tom moved that the Minutes of the Board Meeting of May 17, 2017 be approved. Jeanne made the second and the Minutes were approved as written.
5. Public Comments: Jim Smith made an inquiry about plaques for storm sewer drains noting items that are prohibited for disposal. The Clerk will make contact with him.
6. Department Items:
Village Clerk: Open Book/Board of Review (BOR) occurred on June 6, 2017. No objections were filed. The statement of assessment was transmitted to the state. The 2016 village financial audit is available for $7 per copy or free in PDF format by email. The Clerk detailed the FEMA flood recovery items and the difficulty in obtaining reimbursement after expending over $35,000. Large items for the Lagoon Street bridge replacement and removing debris from the sewer ponds are moving slowly through the process and the fund balance is being depleted.
Fire Department/EMR: Tom indicated they are looking at helmet replacement and purchase of hose and hose nozzle. Brenda indicated that planning has started for the 2018 recertification. They are also looking for a less expensive method of providing epi pen medication and she is working with the medical director.
Public Works: Work in Sugar Creek Park is almost done for the flood recovery and most of the park area is now open. Metal recycling, including metal appliances, can be brought to the Public Works lot on Friday's between 9am and 11am. Congratulations is extended to Pat Delaney who passed the written tests from DNR and received his sewer operator certification.
President's Report: See report attached.
7. Revenues & Disbursements: Al motioned that expenditures in the amount of 53,584.18 and revenues in the amount of $2,684.86 be approved in the Village General Fund accounts for the month of May, 2017. Jeanne seconded the motion. The motion was approved. Al motioned that expenditures in the amount of $921.25 and revenues in the amount of $108.21 be approved in the Village Sewer Utility accounts for the month of May, 2017. Tom seconded the motion. The motion carried.
a. Consider/Approve Court Filing - 120 Main Street - The property owner, Leroy Emerson, was present and presented building preliminary plans drafted by his registered engineer, Tom Lyons. The Clerk reported that Mr. Lyons had indicated that he would seek a plan review date with the state on 6/22/2017. Mr. Emerson told the board that he would begin construction as soon as he received the state approved plan. The board took no further action and will monitor the progress.
b. Consider/Approve Land Transfer Conditions - The board previously approved the trade of parcels between the village and Arnold Harris. The Clerk indicated that Mr. Harris was requesting two conditions; one being that the village will locate the corner stakes on the old village dump property being transferred to him, and that the village approve a driveway permit connected to the dead-end portion of Maple Street. On motion by Jeanne, second by Tom, the village will meet the conditions and refer the matter to the village attorney to draft the agreement and add any conditions. The motion was approved.

a. Consider / Approve - 2017/2018 Cigarette License Applications - Jeanne moved that Cigarette Licenses be approved for R & M Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Cheapo Depot, Books Brothers LLC d/b/a Wooden Nickel Saloon, and Ferryville Cheese LLC. Tom offered the second to the motion. The motion carried.
b. Consider / Approve - 2017/2018 Alcohol License Applications - Tom motioned that the 2017/2018 renewals for Ferryville Cheese, Cheapo Depot, Swing Inn, Wooden Nickel, and Sportsman's be approved. AL seconded the motion and the licenses were approved.
c. Consider / Approve Operator License Applications - Operator license applications were received from Kit Winkers, Jodiann Schwab, and Amber Eick. On motion by Jeanne, second by Tom, the licenses were approved.
d. Consider / Approve - Village Insurance Plan Renewal (7-14-2017 to 7-14-2018) - The current carrier, League of Municipalities Municipal Mutual Insurance Company, offered the renewal with a premium of $9,805. On motion by Tom, second by Jeanne, the Board approved the renewal policy.
e. Consider / Approve - Co-Sponsor of the Ferryville Antique Tractor Association Tractor Pull on 7/22/2017 - For insurance purposes the Village and the Village Board will co-sponsor the event this year. On motion by Jeanne, second by Tom, the Board approved being a co-sponsor.
f. Consider / Approve - Sponsor "Transportation Service" - The Board will sponsor the transportation service, tractor and wagon owned by Fred Olson and a volunteer operator, for moving people back and forth on July 22nd from the Sugar Creek Park to the Village Hall. The plan offers liability insurance for the event. On motion by Tom, second by Jeanne, sponsorship was approved by the Board.
g. Consider/ Approve - New Appointments to Fire and/or Emergency Medical Responders - Tom indicated that Alex Novak had been elected Assistant Fire Chief replacing John Lomas.
h. Consider / Approve - Building Permits - The Clerk indicated that no applications had been received.
i. Consider/Approve Push Camera Purchase- The board was furnished quote information obtained to purchase a push camera capable of reviewing sewer laterals from 2" to 10", a requirement of the village CMOM Program filed with the DNR. Lateral inspection is required. On motion by Jeanne, second by Tom, the board approved purchase of a camera system from Envirotech Equipment at a cost of $7,095.
j. Discuss Ordinance to Prohibit Shining of Deer/Animals/Deer inside the Village Limits - The Clerk distributed a memo from the attorney for the WLM indicating the village had the legal right to enact such an ordinance. Board members reviewed a draft ordinance and it will be placed on the July meeting agenda for the 1st reading.
k. Consider/Review 2016 Financial Audit Report - Copies of the audit were provided in advance to board members and the clerk referenced the "management letter section". The auditor reported that no issues were found and had no other recommendations, except for a minor bookkeeping addition by the Fire & EMR Department. Copies of the audit are available at a cost of $7 or free copies can be obtained in PDF form by email from the Clerk/Treasurer. The Board placed the audit report on file.
l. Consider/Approve 2016 CMAR and Resolution # 2017-001 - The DNR required CMAR on sewer operations was completed by Pat and a final score of 3.72 G.P.A. was earned which is a grade of "A" for the year of 2016. On motion by Jeanne, second by AL, the resolution was approved and signed by the Board Members and a copy will be transmitted to the DNR with the report.
m. Consider/Approve Clerk-Treasurer Agreement - The board had previously reviewed the work agreement for the period 6/1/17 to 5/31/19 with no changes or added compensation. On motion by Jeanne, second by Al, the 2 year agreement was approved for Larry Quamme.
n. Consider/Approve Employee Handbook Revisions - Considering the FLSA regulations were not enacted by the Federal Department of Labor, the public works employee and sewer operator will be classed as salaried without overtime. Also a mutual procedure waiving the use of the time clock will be provided. On motion by Jeanne, second by Tom, the revisions were approved.
o. Consider/Approve Street Music Permit - Jerry Books and Jim Smith had applied for a music permit on July 22. The board approved the permit, ending at the start of the fireworks on motion by Tom and second by Jeanne.
p. Consider/Approve Replacement Village Lawn Mower - The current mower developed serious mechanical problems. The board decided to advertise and take quotes for the mower in "an as is condition". The recommendation was made to purchase a zero turn mower with a Kubota 54 inch commercial model being the lowest price. Additionally Gary's Tractor Company had presented a "rent to purchase option" needed by the village until FEMA reimbursements were received. On motion by Jeanne, second by Al, the Kubota will be purchased for $7,665 and a rent payment of $228 monthly and insurance cost of $10 monthly paid. The motion was approved. The $228 monthly will be a credit of 100% to the purchase price at the time of purchase.
10. ADJOURN: Jeanne motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Tom seconded the motion. The motion was approved. The meeting adjourned at 8:05 PM.

Larry Quamme, Clerk


I have some items I would like to comment on.

The 70 mile "Rummage along the River", started by the Ferryville Tourism Council, was a huge success on May 19 & 20 and drew hundreds of people to the area. Thanks are extended to our volunteers and their services and programs to bring tourists to our community.

Also wanted to note Cheapo Depot's demo fireworks which brought many visitors to the Village on June 3rd. Thanks to the Vision & Promotion folks who ran a brat stand and to the Fire Department for having a vehicle and personnel present. It makes for a fun evening.

The village would like to thank Pat & Lane Delaney for purchasing and donating a load of gravel for the parking lot at our park helping to restore flood damage.

Lastly a special thanks to Bill and Kathleen Fitzgerald for their donation of 3 metal colored picnic tables. Two red tables are at the boat landing pavilion and a blue table is at the new patio in the park next to the market garage. Appreciation goes to both the Delaney's and the Fitzgerald's for their generosity.

And, some neat things coming up here in the Village:

June 28th - Bonfire Program in Sugar Creek Park 8pm with
Ric Zarwell, Bird Watching Tips
July 12th - Bonfire #2 Program - Tim Eisele, Prairie Restoration
July 22nd - River Bluff Daze kicks off at 8:30am with a Nature Hike
(meet at the boat landing)
Followed by huge Farmer's Market, Antique Tractor
Pull & big fireworks show at dusk
August 9th - Bonfire # 3 - Bob O'Connor - Harriet Lane- "1st first lady
of the white house"

Al Kirchner
Village President