Village Board Meeting Minutes

DECEMBER 28, 2022 AT 1:30 PM

1. Call to order - Steve called the meeting to order at 1:40 PM.
2. Certification of Open Meeting Posting Notice - Bridget certified that the meeting notice was posted 12-27-2022 in the usual places throughout the Village.
3. Approve Agenda - Anna motioned that the agenda be approved with the possibility of going into closed session later. Steve seconded. Motion carried.
4. Discussion/Consider/Approve - 2023 Work Agreement for Public Works - Anna believes the approved Work Agreement has been changed from what was originally approved. Long discussion followed with the Work Agreement clarified to everyone's agreement. Dan signed the Work Agreement.
5. Adjourn - All business was concluded. Gloria moved that the meeting adjourn. Anna seconded. The meeting adjourned at 2:25 PM.

Bridget Schill Posted: 12-28-2022
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Village Hall (inside/outside)


FEBRUARY 15, 2023 7:00 PM

1. Call to Order - Village President Steve Werner called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM.
2. Appoint Bridget Schill as Village Clerk - Steve appointed Bridget Schill as the temporary Clerk and reinstated the work agreement.
3. Certification of Open Meeting Posting Notice - Bridget stated that the agenda was posted in the usual places in the Village and on the website 2-11-2023.
4. Approve Agenda - Gloria motioned that the agenda be approved as written. Steve seconded. Motion carried.
5. Approve Minutes - Caucus, January 18, 2023, Board Meeting January 18, 2023, and Special Board Meeting January 23, 2023 - Steve motioned that the Minutes of the Caucus be approved. Gloria seconded. Motion carried. Anna requested a language change to the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of January 18, 2023. The change is to New Business, Item e. The record will be changed to "Anna will make the requested changes to the contract. Anna will continue looking into changing the Village website". Steve motioned the Minutes be approved with the changes. Gloria seconded. Motion carried. Steve motioned that the Special Board Meeting Minutes of January 23, 20023 be approved. Gloria seconded. Motion carried.
6. Public Comments - None
7. Department Items
a. Village Clerk - Bridget reported that the Clerk has a new email address: There will be a Primary Election February 21, 2023. The Clerk asks that residents consider becoming election poll workers. The ad for a new Clerk has been reposted and ads are again placed in the paper. Bridget informed the Board, FD and PW that there has been a Hall/FD rental request. All parties approved.
b. Treasurer - Kent reports that property tax collection is done. Settlements went out today. The second half of the EMR grant money has been received.
c. Public Works Report - Dan reports that his CE is up to date. The DNR has conditionally approved the sewer plans. That enables the Village to reapply for the CDBG grant. The work at the boat launch has continued and is looking good. Village hall updates are ongoing. Dan reminds residents of the bluff side parking ordinance. Even if the weather is good, the ordinance applies. Enforcement measures are being considered. As it has been warming up, PW may be having to pick up garbage sooner than usual on Eagle Mt., if the road bans go into effect. A reminder that trash must be in sealed garbage bags. Please have out by 10 AM.
d. Fire/ EMR Report - Brenda reported that they have held a couple of fund raisers. All EMR personnel have been recertified for 3 years. The new emergency vehicle has been picked up. Alex reported there is an ice water rescue class being considered. The rescue boat is in for a tune up. He hopes to get some practice vehicles for extrication practice. They will be starting controlled burns soon.
e. Village President's Report & Trustees' Report - Steve reports working with the Clerk and computer warranty issues all month. He continues working with Makepeace Engineering on the sewer grant applications. Gloria said that the Village might want to consider doing an Outdoor Community Recreational Plan or a Recreational Boating Facilities Development/Renovation Grant. Funds, if granted, could be used towards improvements at the boat launch. Anna reviewed the EMS lights and sirens policy. She mentioned that some communities provide a stipend for volunteers towards such equipment.

f. Reports from Tourism, Farmers Market, FV & PB - Bridget read the report for FV & PB. They continue to host the monthly Soup and Salad Suppers. Thanks to Dan for keeping the Hall ready for guests. Money will go towards Hall upgrades. The Sweetheart Pancake Breakfast is being held February 25 from 8 - 11 AM. Money will go towards flowers for the barrels and plants for River View Park.

8. Approve Disbursements & Revenues - January 2023 - Steve motioned those expenditures in the amount of $153,581.50 and revenues & interest in the amount of $259,267.19 be approved in the Village general fund account for the month of January 2023. Gloria seconded. Motion carried. Steve motioned those expenditures in the amount of $6,783.27 and revenue & interest in the amount of $14,211.09 be approved in the Village Sewer Utility accounts for the month of January 2023. Gloria seconded. The motion carried.

9. Old Business:
a. Update - ATV/UTV route request update - The speed study has been completed by the DOT. A letter is on file regarding changes in speed limits and areas where the speed will be changed. They are recommending that the Village install Dynamic Speed Display signs. The ATV/UTV route is still being considered. Our ordinance may need to be reviewed.
b. Update - Progress of Village Hall restroom repairs - Current work is almost done.
c. Update - Sewer Main Rehabilitation - Information has been received from Jamey Makepeace. There will be a Public Hearing prior to the March Board meeting, so the grant application can be submitted in April. He feels the village will qualify for the grant this year. Steve motioned that a Public Hearing be held March 15, 2023 at 6:45 PM prior to the Regular Board Meeting. Gloria seconded. Motion approved. The Clerk will get the notice placed in the paper and post the Hearing.
d. Update - EMR Vehicle/Grant - Brenda and Tom report that the new EMR vehicle has been delivered. Gloria is thanked for all her work on the grant.

10. New Business:
a. Consider/Approve - Building Permits, (if any) - None
b. Consider/Approve - Operator's Licenses, (if any) - None
c. Consider /Approve - New Fire/EMR members, (if any) - Paperwork received for a new member. The Clerk will have the background check done for the next meeting.
d. Consider/Approve - Request for a variance of Chapter 8.05(f) - Brent and Kelly Hutchison were present to discuss Ordinance Chapter 8 and chickens. They have had chickens for over 6 ½ years and would like the Village to grant a variance or possibly grandfather their chickens. Steve motioned that we postpone action on the chickens until March. He would like to discuss the proper action with our attorney. Anna seconded. Motion carried.
e. Consider/Approve - Appoint a Trustee to research IT companies to establish a relationship for information technology, email issues, and computer maintenance. - A discussion took place regarding the Village's need to secure IT coverage, costs, contracts, etc. Steve motioned that the Board instruct and President and the Clerk to meet with Computer Support Plus to negotiate a contract with them. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried.
f. Consider/Approve - Appoint a Trustee to research the cost of developing a new web site design and hosting. - Discussion by the Board on costs, liability, cyber insurance. The plan is to talk to Mr. Yaeger about taking over the website from him. Steve motioned that the Board instruct Gloria to contact several vendors in the area to discuss costs of hosting and maintaining websites. Anna seconded. The motion carried. Gloria will research and get bids and references.

g. Discuss - Any other items that come before the Board.
1. The ads for the new Clerk were discussed. Do ASAP. We will place ads in the Crawford County Independent and the Waukon Standard. Steve would like to consider writing a short letter to tax payers, local communities, other local clerks. Emails were suggested.
2. Ads for the Public Hearing will be placed.
3. Gloria will research the chicken issue.
4. Touch base with Crisse Reynolds of Animal Control for presentation in March or April.
5. Dan would like to consider towing vehicles that repeatedly violate the bluff side parking ordinance as a means of enforcement.
6. A long discussion followed regarding groups using the FD for events, especially during the winter months. PW parking issues need to be considered. This will be added to the March agenda to review the Community Center use form and FD use form.
7. Computer issues and security concerns. There are items on the old computer that some Board members feel should be removed.

11. Adjourn - Steve motioned that the meeting adjourns. Anna seconded. The meeting adjourned at 9:17 PM.

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