Village Board Meeting Minutes

AT 7:00 PM
1. CALL TO ORDER, Steve called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.
2. ADMINISTER THE OATH OF OFFICE TO THE NEW CLERK, CHERYL MEIER, outgoing clerk had Cheryl read and sign her oath.
3. CERTIFICATION OF COMPLIANCE WITH OPEN MEETING LAW, posted in the usual places in the village 05/10/2023 and 05/15/2023.
4. APPROVE AGENDA, Kris motioned to approve, Anna seconded, agenda carried.
5. APPROVE MINUTES - Regular Board Meeting of March 15, 2023, Regular Board Meeting April 19, 2023, Special Meeting and Closed Session April 25, 2023, Public Hearing April 26, 2023 and Special Board Meeting April 26, 2023, March 15, 2023 minutes, Anna motioned to approve, Steve seconded, motion carried. Minutes of 04/19/2023, Steve motioned to approve with the change at #4 as requested by Kris. Seconded by Kris, 2 yes 1 no, motion carried. Special meeting and closed session 04/25/2023, Kris motioned to approve, Steve seconded, motion carried. Public hearing and special board meeting 04/26/2023, Steve motioned, Kris seconded, motion carried.
6. PUBLIC COMMENTS, Gloria Moore commented on the ongoing computer concerns. Kay Campbell of Tourism stated Eagle days has been going for 14 years, why is there so much trouble. Al Novak stated the fire department is available foe Bald Eagle Days. Dan Mattson hoped there would be a discussion about changing the date but is ok with the date. He still expresses concerns for his equipment. Joanne White of Tourism FV&PB expressed unhappiness about not being included in the form revisions for Village Hall and Fire Department use. Garbage removal is a concern, they feel insulted. Don Yaeger asked about tree limb pick up on Eagle Mountain. Rob Spangler expressed thanks with recent flooding concerns.
7. PRESENTATION - Crisse Reynolds, Crawford County Animal Control, shared what her duties are as the Animal Control Officer. She can enforce county ordinances not municipal ordinances without a contract with the Sheriffs office.
a. Village Clerk- Insurance Renewal, Baer Insurance is in process. New dates set for Open Book and BOR, 10/11/2023 and10/18/2023 at 10:30 Voting machine has been serviced, liquor licenses renewals have been sent out. Village clean up notices have been posted 06/09/2023 from 7am - 3pm and 06/10/2023 from 8am - noon.
b. Village Treasurer, Kent stated things are running smoothly and sewer notices have been sent out.
c. Public Works Report, Dan reported on the flooding issues and sewer problems during the past couple of weeks. The burn pile and sugar Creek Park remain closed. The boat launch is open, but use at your own risk. He mentioned Village Cleanup June 9 and 10. Flood cleanup should begin soon.
d. Fire / EMR Report - Brenda reports that the new EMR rig is in service. Raffle tickets are out. A brat/hot dog fry is planned for Friday and Saturday during Rummage Along the River from 10 - 2. Alex report for the FD. They have been busy during the flood. The dry hydrant is red flagged. He gave a long report on the train derailment.
e. FV & P, Tourism, Farmers Market - Thanks for the grab bar repairs. Hall painting will start soon. Soup and Salad Suppers are done for the season. The "Bird" hike hosted 23 people and brings money into the community. Chatauqua starts in June. Farmers Market starts this upcoming weekend at Village Hall.
f. Village President and Trustees' Reports - Steve reports that he and Dan have completed a preliminary report to Crawford County Emergency Management. Home owners can report damage using their phones by dialing 211. Thanks to Dan and Tom White for their work maintain the sewer system during the flood. Kris took photos of the flood waters at the boat landing. He thinks a SOP should be developed for future flooding concerns. He has been contacted by a resident regarding the Village appearance. Anna continues to express a difference of opinion on computer concerns. She is working on a code of conduct for the Village. She continues to work on making a master of the Village Ordinance.
9. APPROVE DISBURSEMENTS & REVENUES (April 2023) Steve motioned those expenses in the amount of $21,882.01 and revenue & interest in the amount of $12,853.5 be approved in the Village general fund accounts for the month of April 2023. Kris seconded. The motion carried. Steve motioned those expenditures in the amount of $7,541.49 and revenue & interest in the amount of $7,299.80 be approved in the Village Sewer Utility accounts for the month of April 2023. Anna seconded. The motion carried.
a. CDBG Update - The CDBG app was submitted for $1 million. Awaiting approval.
b. Consider/Approve - New Website Design - Kris motions that the Village ask the Clerk to get ahold of Alan Buss of Constellation Webservices to contract for his services to create a new Village website. Steve seconded. Motion carried.
c. Consider/ Approve - Amending Ordinance 8.05 (f) - Kris motioned that Ordinance 8.05 (f) (corrected) be approved. Anna seconded. Motion carried. Steve motioned that the second reading be waived. Anna seconded. Motion carried.
a. Consider/Approve - Appointments to Committees - Steve motioned that the following people be approved to the following Village Committees: Anna Ebner to the Plan Commission. Michael White returning to the Plan Commission. Kris Bjerke to the BOR. Tom White and Brent Hutchison to the Board of Adjustments/Appeals. Steve Werner and Anna Ebner to the Building Committee. Kris seconded the appointments. Motion carried.
b. Consider/Approve - Use of All FD Bays and Movement of Trucks for Eagle Day 2024 - The FD has no concerns. Steve acknowledges PW concerns but feels things are workable. Kris motions that Eagle Day be approved with the trucks moved. Steve seconded. Motion carried.
c. Consider/Approve - Revised Village Hall / FD Form -A long discussion took place. Kris motioned that Anna continues editing the agreement with the changes made thus far. Steve seconded. Motion carried. More discussion next month.
d. Consider/Approve - New Village Banners - Steve motioned that Tourism be authorized to buy new banners, as they are paying for them and that they may save the old banners to do with what they choose. Kris seconded. The motion carried.
e. Consider/Approve - Operator's Licenses (if any) None
f. Consider/Approve - New Fire / EMR Members, James Wydeen - Kris motioned that James Wydeen be approved to the FD. Steve seconded. Motion carried.
g. Consider/Approve - Building Permits (if any) None
h. Consider/Approve - Sander Issues - Repair, Replace, Steve motioned to postpone discussion to next month. Kris seconded. Motion carried.
i. Consider/Approve - Village Garden - Rob Spangler spoke to his opposition to the Village Garden in the proposed location. Kris motioned to stop any further discussion and move on. Anna seconded. Motion carried.
j. Consider /Approve - Eagle Mountain Tree Removal Policy - The tree situation on Eagle Mountain was discussed. The trees were transferred to the Village in perpetuity . The Village needs to budget for tree trimming and removals. The Village is responsible for anything in the easement per Kris. Residents complained of limbs lying around. PW is responsible for removal of dead and damaged tree clean up. Ideas included asking for volunteer help, purchasing a chipper. Kris motioned that the Village continue to take responsibility for the original trees at the edge of or in the easement. Steve seconded. Motion caried.
k. Consider/Approve - Payment to Jay Harris for Century Link Easement - Steve motioned to instruct the Treasurer to remit the $4,000 Century Link Easement money to Jay Harris. Kris seconded. The motion carried.
l. Discussion of Other Issues that Come Before the Board - Kris expressed issues for Tourism regarding the planter and the use of non-treated wood. Dan will meet with the Board members to view the planter. Email concern about rip rap on Harbor Street.
12. ADJOURN - Kris motioned the meeting adjourn. Steve seconded the motion. Motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 9:48 pm.

POSTED: 05/25/2023
Cheryl Meier
Village Clerk Village Hall (outside/inside) U. S. Post Office
River Bank Lobby