Village Board Meeting Minutes
APRIL 22, 2021 6 PM
Present - Steve Werner, Kent Salmon, Dan Mattson, Gloria Moore, Anna Ebner, Alex Novak,
Brenda Torger-Vassar and Bridget Schill.
1. Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 6:02 PM by the Village Clerk.
2. Complete Oath and Seat President and Trustee - Steve Werner read aloud his Oath for Village President. Gloria Moore read aloud her Oath for Village Trustee.
3. Certification of Open Meeting Posting Notice - The Clerk states that she posted the meeting agenda in the usual places throughout the Village on 4/11/2021 and amended the posting 4/19/2021.
4. Approve Agenda - Steve motioned that the Agenda be approved as posted. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried.
5. Approve Minutes - Steve moved that the Minutes of March 24, 2021 be approved as written. Gloria seconded. The motion carried. Anna moved that the Minutes of the Public Hearing of March 24, 2021 be approved. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried.
6. Public Comments - Sherry Quamme was present representing the Tourism Council. She thanked the Village Board for their support. She covered upcoming events that Tourism is sponsoring - Rummage Along the River May 14 and 15, Spring Bird Migration May 8, and the Chautauqua evenings. She suggested that money in the CIP or from the American Rescue Plan be used to update the Village Hall, and that ARP money could pay for a handwashing station at Sugar Creek Park. She updated the Ferryville sign replacement project. Another resident contacted the Clerk to state that she is not in favor of the 90 day RV variance that will be discussed later.
7. Department Items -
Clerk - The Clerk reported that the April 6 election had a turnout of 39 voters. Denise Johnson has volunteered to be a poll worker, as has Chrystle Schill. No word yet on when the new voting machines will arrive. Thanks to our poll workers. The Ocooch Mountain Rescue contract is up for renewal. Webinars are being held twice weekly to explain and update the American Rescue Plan funds. Village Clean Up is May 7 from 7 AM - 3 PM and May 8 from 7 AM - Noon. Rummage Along the River is May 14 and 15. Open Book will be May 17 from 5 - 7 PM. Board of Review will be May 24 from 5 - 7 PM. These events will be in person, with our Assessor, Bob Madvig, at the Village Hall. And finally, the Village would like to acknowledge the passing of Frank Sudol in February. His Celebration of Life was held April 10 and was very moving. Mr. Sudol did much for the Village and valued the area greatly. Our sympathies to his wife, Diane and his family.
Treasurer - Kent reports that 17 sewer reminder notes have been sent out. Bill are coming in from Jewell and Associates for the Lagoon Project. The budget is stable.
Public Works - Dan reports that the Crawford County street sweeper went through the Village. Spring discharge of the lagoons is done. Sugar Creek Park is open. The docks have been installed at the boat ramp. He has repainted the buoys and will install them when Jerry Boardman is available. The retaining wall will be done within the next couple of weeks. Spring Clean Up is May 7 and 8. The burn pile is open, as is the metal dumpster by appointment or on Fridays from 9 - 11 AM.
Fire/EMR - Brenda reports that Anna has passed her EMR to EMT 1 course. They are busy getting their raffle organized and tickets printed. Thanks to Eric Knutson for offering to pay for printing the tickets. They will be holding a brat fry both days during Rummage Along the River at Ferryville Cheese. Bi-monthly meat raffles continue at Sportsman's. Brenda has completed a request for the Emergency Funding Grant for their group. Alex reports that the FD will take water search sonar training through the Bruce's Legacy Group July 10. The Wheatland Burn Training session was completed. Joshua Kipp has been named the new Fire Captain.
Village President and Trustees' - Steve reports that Iverson Paving will start the Pine Street LRIP project on April 26. The total cost of the project is $11,847 of which 50% will be reimbursed by the State. Dan and Tom White have installed the docks. Thanks to both. Thanks to all the volunteers who will be helping in all the upcoming events. Friends of Pool 9 will hold their annual clean up Saturday, May 24. Village Clean Up is May 7 and 8. The Bird Migration Hike is May 8. Rummage Along the River is May 14 and 15. Village residents are reminded of our Ordinance prohibiting street storage of vehicles and other objects. Please remove these items. Anna expressed concern over the time factor in getting from Eagle Mountain to the lower Village and the Hall. Gloria reports that she is finishing up her work on the USDA grant for the FD/EMS.

8. Approve Disbursement & Revenues (March 2021) - Gloria motioned that expenditures in the amount of $15,104.55 and revenues and interest in the amount of $2,315.55 be approved in the Village General Fund for the month of March 2021. Steve seconded. The motion carried. Gloria motioned that expenditures in the amount of $5,224.73 and revenue and interest in the amount of $9,590.77 be approved in the Village Sewer Utility for the month of March 2021. Steve seconded the motion. The motion carried. The first quarter FD/EMR statements were also renewed and found to be satisfactory.

9. Old Business
a. Adopt Capital Improvement Plan - The proposed CIP was reviewed again and discussed. Money will be coming to the Village from the ARP Act. Items that funding could be used for are a handwashing station, Hall renewal, the skid steer, and replacing the EMR vehicle. Steve moved that the CIP as presented by approved. Gloria seconded the motion. Motion carried.
b. Internet Update - Steve reports that the Vernon grant has been approved and work should start in 2022. No word from Century Link
c. ATV/UTV Update - Steve reports that the DOT will assess lowering the speed limit from Buck Creek Road from 55 to 45 mph and from Cty. C to the Village to 35 mph. Slow progress is being made. For DOT to lower that limit, there must be a safety concern, not just a wish to make things easier for ATVs.
d. Lagoon Update - Bids are being advertised by Jewell. Numbers will be available in June.
e. Consider/Approve - Limited Parking Requests from Cheapo Depot and Ferryville Cheese - Steve motioned that up to $300 be allotted to Public Works to purchase sings and mobile mountings. Anna seconded the motion. Motion carried.
10. New Business
a. Consider/Approve - Ryland Monroe, Variance Request for RV Residency for 90 Days - Mr. Monroe is requesting that he be allowed to live in his camper on his property when he is not on the road driving his truck. Ordinance does not allow for this. Brad Smrcina, our Building Inspector, was present to explain that Mr. Monroe's shed cannot be lived in either. Mr. Monroe is hoping to develop his property in the future, but there are some wetland/floodplain issues. After much discussion, Steve motioned that Ryland Monroe has approval for the next 90 days to live in his RV inside his shed. If he is staying in it, it must be in the shed. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried.
b. Consider/Approve - Alcohol License, New Owner of the Wooden Nickel - The Clerk reports that all paperwork has been completed and fees paid. The background check is clear. Steve motioned that Edward Slayton be issued a Liquor License for the Wooden Nickel. Anna seconded the motion. The motion passed.
c. Consider/Approve - Operator's License - Gloria motioned that Kelly Slayton be issued an Operator's License. Anna seconded the motion. The motion carried.
d. Consider/Approve - New Fire/EMR Members (if any) - None
e. Consider/Approve - Building Permit - Anna motioned that a Building Permit be issued for a detached outbuilding to Neil and Kathryn Paulsen. Steve seconded the motion. The motion carried.
f. Consider/Approve - Open Book and Board of Review - Steve moved that the dates of May 17 for Open Book and May 24 for Board of Review be approved. Anna seconded the motion. Motion carried.
g. Consider/Approve - Contract with Crawford County Sheriff - Discussion followed on entering a contract for services with the Sheriff's Department due to a need to enforce safety issues and ordinances throughout the Village. Steve suggests that some of the money coming from the ARP Act funds could be used. The Board is considering a trial this summer. Anna motioned that further research be done on the issue and that discussion resume next month. Gloria seconded. Motion carried.
11. Adjourn- Steve motioned that the meeting adjourn. Anna seconded the motion. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 7:53 PM.

Bridget Schill Posted 4/27/2021
Village Clerk Village Hall (in and out)
River Bank, USPS