Village Board Meeting Minutes
NOVEMBER 17, 2021
1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:28 PM by Steve Werner.
2. Certification of Compliance with Open Meeting Law: The Clerk reports that the agenda was posted on November 11, 2021 in the usual places throughout the Village and on the website.
3. Approve Agenda: Steve motioned that the agenda be approved. Anna seconded. The motion carried.
4. Approve Minutes of October 13, 2021: Steve motioned that the Minutes of October 13, 2021 be accepted as written. Gloria seconded. The Minutes were approved.
5. Public Comments: A resident inquired about obtaining an erosion control plan permit. The Clerk will send him the information. A resident inquired about the Public Works salary being drawn from the general as well as sewer budget. Dan's time is divided between the two areas, Steve explained. A resident inquired about repealing, changing or modifying Chapter 11A of the Ordinances and reviewing the flood plain maps. Sherry Quamme stated that Tourism wants input before changing anything in Chapter 18 of the Ordinances.
6. Department Items: All Reports are on File
a. Village Clerk: Bridget reports that the new computer has been installed. Thanks for all the work by Don Yaeger and Roy Schill. Bob Madvig responded to a resident's desire to have his property rezoned. Our new voting machine has arrived.
b. Treasurer: Kent reports that a $10,000 draw from our line of credit was made for payments for the lagoons, the engineers and the accountants.
c. Public Works: Dan reports that the Lagoon Project is complete. He is making winter preparations. Sugar Creek Park was closed Nov. 5th. The docks are being removed. The Christmas snowflakes will go up next week. The flashing speed signs are being looked at. He reminds residents along Main Street the BLUFFSIDE PARKING ORDINANCE is now in effect. No vehicle parking on the bluff side of the street from 2:30 AM - 6:30 AM from Nov. 15th - April 1st.
d. Fire/EMR: Alex reports that the FD received a donation of $300 from the Antique Tractor Association. He is renewing the Village's SAM's account which enables the Village to receive funding for disaster relief, grants and awards. They have responded to several fire calls this past week. Brenda reported for EMR. EMR also received a $300 donation from the Antique Tractor Association. Many thanks. They are still waiting for classes to be set up. CPR renewal is in December.
e. President & Trustees: Steve reports that use of ARPA funds are still being researched. Nothing new to report on Vernon Communications. The Century Link upgrade on Eagle Mt. is working, but is rather inconsistent. Gloria reports that the Plan Commission has been meeting and is working on updating the Comprehensive Plan.
f. Tourism: Sherry spoke about working with the Board to submit a Tourism Capital Grant application for remodeling the Village Hall. If awarded this grant, funding would cover close to 100% of the costs related to the remodeling project. They are working with V & P on the flowerbed project. The Christmas Tree lighting will be November 29 at 6 PM at River View Park. Holiday Market will be December 4 at the Village Hall.
g. V & P: Joanne White reported. A raffle is planned for July 23 during River Bluff Daze. They are getting bids on reconstructing the flower beds at Sugar Creek Park. A holiday dinner is planned for mid-December at Kickapoo Creekside.
h. Plan Commission: The first meeting was November 15. November 22 the group will meet again at 6 PM and work on updating chapters. Community participation is desired.
7. Approve Disbursements & Revenues (October 2021)
Steve motioned that expenditures in the amount of $12,817.26 and revenues and interest in the amount of $12,811.69 be approved in the Village general funds accounts for the month of October 2021.Glorai seconded the motion. The motion carried. Steve motioned that expenditures in the amount of $12,815.11 and revenue and interest in the amount of $12,052.57 be approved in the Village Sewer Utility accounts for the month of October 2021. Gloria seconded the motion. Motion carried.
8. Old Business
a. Engineering Firm Selection: The Board discussed the various strengths of several engineering firms for the sewer project. The firms are MSA, Makepeace Engineering and Jewell Engineering. Grant writing was an important ability. Steve motioned that the Village of Ferryville request a contract for sewer line replacement with Jamey Makepeace of Makepeace Engineering. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried 2 to 1. Steve will notify Makepeace.
b. ARPA Updates: There is new information coming out again on how the funds may be used. There may be the option of paying for the new voting machine with ARPA funds. Sherry and Gloria are working on the Tourism Capital Grant, but some funds might be able to pay for engineering costs and permit fees that would not be covered by a grant.
c. Consider/Approve Ordinance Chapter 8 - Repealing and Recreating Section 8.05 (f): The Board discussed the updates received from our attorney. The members felt work was still needed on the ordinance. Steve moved that the Board table taking any action on Old Business Item 8 c. Gloria seconded. The motion carried.
d. Consider/Approve Modifying Ordinance Chapter 11A: Steve reports having discussions with the DNR about the ordinance. The ordinance is a bit more restrictive, in that there are specific dates, but much work went into the ordinance. When written, the DNR and FEMA assisted the writers. Steve motioned that the Village of Ferryville retain Chapter 11A exactly as written. Anna seconded the motion. The motion carried.
9. New Business
a. Consider/Approve 2022 General and Sewer Utility Budgets: Gloria motioned that the 2022 General and Sewer Utility Budgets be approved. Steve seconded the motion. The motion carried.
b. New Fire/EMR Member: None
c. Operator's Licenses: None
d. Consider/Approve Any Plan Commission Items from Nov. 15, 2021 Meeting: Gloria motioned that Bridget Schill be approved as the designated secretary for the Plan Commission and Michael White be approved as second chair. Anna seconded. Motion carried.
e. Consider/Approve Building Permit - Robert Johnson: Steve motioned that the Robert Johnson building permit be approved. Gloria seconded the motion. Motion carried.
f. Nomination of Election Inspectors: Gloria motioned that Theresa Yaeger, Sherry Quamme, Diane Sudol, Sandra Kirchner, Anna Ebner, Denise Johnson, Chrystle Schill, and Bridget Schill be approved as Election Inspectors for the 2022 - 2023 calendar. Steve seconded. The motion carried. (Anna abstained)
g. Consider/Approve Renewal of Building Inspector's Contract: Steve motioned that the Building Inspector Contract with Brad Smrcina be renewed. Gloria seconded. The motion carried.
h. Consider/Approve Amending Ordinance 18.01, Create Section13: Steve motioned that amending Ordinance 18.01 be tabled until December. Anna seconded. Motion carried.
i. 153 Main Street Parking: After discussion, the Board directed Dan to move one of the 15" parking signs from the grassy shoulder by the bank to facilitate parking.
j. Consider/Approve A Resolution to Commit to Implementation of the Project to Expand, Improve and Maintain the Village Community Center if Awarded the Tourism Capital Grant: Steve motioned that the Village Clerk develop a resolution to commit the Village to the Tourism Capital Grant project and to authorize Sherry Quamme as the signer on the grant application. Anna seconded the motion. The motion carried.
10. Adjourn: Steve motioned that the meeting adjourns. Gloria seconded. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 9:10 PM.

The next meeting of the Board will be held on December 15, 2021 at the Village Hall at 7 PM.
This will also be the night for setting the caucus date.

Bridget Schill Posted: Nov. 22, 2021
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