Village Board Meeting Minutes
Village of Ferryville
Date: May 17, 2017

Present: President Al Kirchner
Trustee Jeanne Rutter, Trustee Tom Chernouski (excused)
Clerk/Treasurer, Larry Quamme, EMR President, Brenda Torger-Vassar

Public Hearing - President Kirchner opened the hearing to hear comments whether or not there is a "public need" to retain village ownership of a parcel known as the "old village dump" off Highway C. Clerk Larry Quamme certified that the hearing notice had been published in the Prairie du Chien Courier newspaper 3 consecutive weeks and also posted on the village posting boards. Questions from people present were answered but no comments were offered as to any pubic need. The hearing was closed at 7:10pm.

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:10PM by Village President Al Kirchner. Trustee Jeanne Rutter was present along with the Clerk/Treasurer and the EMR President.
2. Certification of Open Meeting Law Requirements: Larry Quamme, Village Clerk confirmed that lawful notice of the public meeting had been posted on the official posting board on 05/13/2017 and in the 3 other designated locations in the Village and posted on
3. Approve Agenda: Jeanne moved that the agenda be approved as posted. Al seconded the motion. The motion carried.
4. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting: On motion by Jeanne, second by Al, the minutes of the Board Meetings held on April 12 and 15, 2017 were approved as written.
5. Public Comments: Sherry Quamme thanked the board members and village employees for their efforts in preparing for "Rummage along the River" being held on May 19 and 20. She indicated maps of garage sales would be available on May 18th.
6. Department Items:
Village Clerk: The "Open Book" with the assessor is June 6 from 2pm to 4pm. The Board of Review will go into session at 4pm on the same date. The Cheapo Depot will be presenting their "demo fireworks" on June 3rd in the Park. The Vision & Promotion Board will have a brat stand and the Fire Department will be present. The "Rummage along the River" will be held on May 19 & 20th. The clerk attended the League of WI Municipalities Mutual Insurance annual meeting in Wisconsin Dells on May 11 and 12. The seminars focused on "risk management" and he will share information later. 2016 flood damage projects are continuing and FEMA required an archeology survey in the area of the bridge replacement on Lagoon Street which the clerk assisted with hand borings. No artifacts were discovered. The Driftless Wisconsin project, which the village belongs to and pays $250 annually for website inclusion, requested consideration for an added donation of $250 for their sales promotion. In view of the fact that the funds were not budgeted, and the large village payments for flood repair are ongoing, the Board decided not to participate this year.
Fire Department/EMR Responders: Brenda reported that Chief Chernouski is on leave due to illness and Al Novak is the acting Chief. There was no EMR information offered.
Public Works: The Park could not be opened on May 1 due to high water and unrepaired damage from 2016. It will open when concrete is replaced on both sides of the foot bridge and the ground dries more. The burn pile is open but everyone has to stay on the gravel due to extreme wet conditions. The well water was tested and the state lab reports it is safe. The 3rd dock will be launched at the boat landing when the river level recedes. The spring release from the sewer ponds has been finished and DNR reports completed. Pat Delaney is completing testing for sewer system operator certification.
Presidents Report: President Kirchner public welcomed Pat Delaney to the public works department and commented that he brings excellent experience to the position. He expressed a thank you to members of Vision & Promotion Board (FV&PB) who cleaned up the boat landing on May 15th. The spring clean-up was very successful and he thanked residents for following the rules involving the dumpster. He noted that the FV&PB also raised funds at a soup and salad supper raising funds for playground equipment expansion which the village appreciates. He indicated that the Bird City spring migration event on May 13h was well attended. The hike was organized by the Tourism Council and the Mississippi River Conservancy and Mayo Health systems and the village appreciates the efforts of the Tourism to bring tourists to the village. Lastly he welcomed Judy Clements back for a second year as a seasonal employee doing mowing of village properties and also caring for the donated flower barrels on Main Street.
7. Revenues &Disbursements: Al motioned that expenditures in the amount of $19,637.44 and Revenues in the amount of $ 7,391.64 approved from the General Budget for the month of April, 2017. Jeanne seconded the motion. The motion carried. Al motioned expenditures in the amount of $622.67 and revenues in the amount of $513.93 from the Sewer Funds be approved for the Month of April, 2017. Jeanne seconded the motion. The motion carried.
8. Old Business: Leroy Emerson was present and a discussion occurred regarding demolition and replacement of the building at 120 Main Street which began in June of 2015. The Board clarified, again, that the village must follow state laws and guidelines and that citizens are dismayed at the condition of the property at present. Leroy indicated that he is working with an engineer, Tom Lyon and shared a drawing of the building replacement. The board indicated that the contact must be with the state building inspector. The board indicated that if no action is taken by June 21, 2017, the board would be meeting and considering/approving commencing a court action to raze the remaining building and obtaining a cleanup order. Leroy was also informed that the "sidewalk obstruction permit' expires on May 22, 2017 and the sidewalk must be opened. A new permit can be applied for when construction commences.
Secondly, the board provided another copy of 11/16/2016 orders, to Leroy, that temporary power was prohibited to the hoist for operation in the outdoor elements and also gave him a copy of an email dated May 10, 2017 from the lead state Electrical Engineer ordering that "temporary power be removed at the 120 Main Street location". The board informed him that if he did not abide, immediately, to the order, the board would consider/approve referring the matter to the village attorney for citations and a court order to cease use of the temporary power.

a. Consider/Approve Land Transfer - Noting that no information was offered at the public hearing, Jeanne moved that the old village dump parcel be transferred to Arnold Harris and in exchange Arnold transfer the parcel in front of the Village Hall to the village. On second by Al, the motion was approved. The Clerk will follow-up with the village attorney.
b. Consider/Confirm Village President Appointments for 2017/2018 - Al nominated people for the Plan Commission, Board of Review, Board of Adjustment/Appeals, Building Committee, health officer, and emergency government director. On second by Jeanne, the nominations were confirmed. Members of the Tourism Council were also noted and will be listed on the village website.
c. Consider/Approve Amendment to Ordinance Section 12.01 - The clerk requested that the annual fee for a cigarette/tobacco license be increased from $5 to $25 annually due to increased reporting requirements by the village. On motion by Al, second by Jeanne, the amendment was approved.
d. Review ATV/UTV County Ordinance - Following approval by the Town of Freeman and designating Quarry Road as a route, there had been a request for the village to consider a route into the Eagle Mt. sub-division. A survey of Eagle Mt. land owners was conducted and 30 people expressed concern and opposition to a route, while 5 people expressed approval of same. The board felt that no action would be taken at this time. The clerk reported that he had contacted the County ATV Club and an "End of Trail" sign would be placed at the end of Quarry Road and the entrance to the village corporate limit.
e. Consider/Approve Operator's Licenses - An application for Jean Hendrickson had been submitted by the Wooden Nickel. The clerk indicated that a records check had been completed, payment of the fee received, and recommended approval. On motion by Jeanne, second by Al, a license was issued ending 6/30/2018.The clerk indicated that no applications were pending.
f. Consider/Approve New Appointments to Fire and/or 1st Responders - Brenda indicated no new appointments have been made. By ordinance Al Novak is the acting Chief with Chief Tom on leave.
g. Consider/Approve Building Permit - The clerk indicated no applications had been received.
h. Consider/Approve Paving Contract - Funds were secured for the 2017 Public Works capital projects and included was paving Pine Street in front of the village owned parcel where the PW Building is located. However, the pavement condition in front of the fire station required replacement and it was found that no base existed. The clerk submitted an alternative plan putting 15 inches of base in the parking lot and 3" of asphalt pavement (2,262 square feet) and reducing the Pine Street area to 3,244 square feet (also no base) of new base and 3' of asphalt. Low bid for the asphalt was submitted by Strub Blacktopping for $12,500 and was the only bidder for the base at $10,000. On motion by Al, the capital funds of $12,000 will be used as budgeted and the $10,000 base bid will be paid from 2017 budgeted savings. On second by Jeanne, the motion was approved.
i. Consider/Approve SPS 327 Code for Licensed Campgrounds - A new requirement has been enacted that the Uniform Dwelling Code include any 1 or 2 member family fixed structure in a licensed campground and requested municipalities to enact an ordinance. It was pointed out that Sugar Creek Park was in a flood plain and no structures could be placed there. However the board indicated that if another camp ground was permitted the ordinance should be enacted. On motion by Jeanne, second by Al, the ordinance will be placed in the village code of ordinances. The board will have a 1st reading at the next meeting.

10. Adjourn - On motion by Jeanne Rutter, second by Al Kirchner, the Board meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm

Larry Quamme, Village Clerk - Treasurer