Village Board Meeting Minutes
Village of Ferryville
Date: June 20, 2018


1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:00pm by Village President Al Kirchner. Steve Werner and Jeanne Rutter were present along with Clerk Larry Quamme.
2. Certification of Open Meeting Law Requirements: Larry Quamme, Village Clerk confirmed that lawful notice of the public meeting had been posted on the official posting board on 06/15/2018 and in the 3 other designated locations in the Village and posted on
3. Approve Agenda: Jeanne moved that the agenda be approved as posted. Steve seconded the motion. The motion carried.
4. Consider Closed Session - per ss.1985 (1) (c) "Consideration of employment performance of any public employee " On motion by Al, second by Jeanne the clerk called the roll, Werner aye, Rutter aye, Kirchner aye and the Board went into closed session.
Return to Open Session 6:00pm - Brenda Torger Vassar, Tom Chernouski and Part Delaney joined the meeting.
5. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting: On motion by Jeanne, second by Steve, the minutes of the Board Meeting held on May 16, 2018 were approved as written.
6. Public Comments: Brent Hutchison, Chair of the Stelter Valley Homeowners Association sought answers on a recent notice from the Village regarding sewer. The Board confirmed that the village would use the camera and recorder on laterals if clean outs are present to feed the camera from the house to the Association owned main sewer line.
7. Department Items:
Village Clerk: No Report.
Fire Department: Brenda reported for the Chief. She indicated that a member of the department was constructing a compartment door for the brush truck, damaged when being driven from the station by a department member. Larry noted that if we were making an insurance claim, approval is required before going ahead. The Chief will be notified of that. Also a cable on the tanker truck caught fire and has been replaced.
EMR: Brenda reported that all members except one has been re-certified for the 6/30/2018 deadline. She has notified the member of the 10 days remaining.
Public Works: Pat provided a report on his activities for the prior month and the report was placed on file.
Presidents Report: No Report.
8. Revenues/Disbursements: Al moved that expenditures in the amount of $28,866.50 and revenues in the amount of 2,851.38 for the month of May, 2018 be approved in the general budget. Jeanne made the second and the motion was approved. Al moved that expenditures in the amount of $3,492.22 and revenues in the amount of $19.13 for the month of May, 2018 be approved from the sewer budget. Jeanne seconded the motion. The motion carried.
a. Consider/Approve 2018/2019 Cigarette Licenses- Renewal licenses for the Wooden Nickel, Ferryville Cheese, Cheapo Depot, and Kits Sportsman were approved on motion by Jeanne and a second by Steve.
b. Consider/Approve 2018/2019 Alcohol Licenses - Class A licenses for Ferryville Cheese LLC and R&M Enterprises Inc. and Class B licenses for Kitten & Jo Jo LLC, Books Brothers LLC and the Swing Inn Inc. were approved on a motion by Jeanne and second by Steve.
c. Consider/Approve 2018/2020 Operator Licenses- The Clerk indicated that 28 applications had been submitted and all applicants were eligible for a 2 year license. On motion by Steve, second by Jeanne, the licenses were approved. The applicant listing is attached. The clerk reported that a late application had been provided by Jeannie Ernst. Jeanne moved, Steve seconded to approve the license on the condition that eligibility would be established by the clerk.
d. Consider/Approve Village Insurance Renewal 2018/2019 - The renewal was offered by the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Mutual Insurance Company with the annual premium of $9,598 as compared to $9,805 for the current year. On motion by Jeanne, second by Steve, the renewal was approved.
e. Consider/Approve Co-Sponsor Tractor Pull- On motion by Jeanne, second by Steve, the village will co-sponsor the event on July 28, 2018. The motion was approved.
f. Consider/Approve Transportation Service - The village will sponsor a tractor and wagon transportation service on July 28, 2018 as part of the tractor pull. Fred Olson will provide the tractor and wagon and be provided liability coverage (no physical damage) by the village. On motion by Jeanne, second by Al, approval was given.
g. Consider/Approve Cancellation of Auto Assistance Agreement - The De Soto Village Board voted to cancel the agreement when meeting on June 5, 2018. On motion by Jeanne, second by Steve, the Board approved cancellation and waived the 90 day notice. The agreement is cancelled effective June 20, 2018.
h. Consider/Approve new Appointments - Fire Department - An application for Jeffrey Vallely was re-submitted. Steve moved to confirm, Al made the second. Jeanne voted no, motion carried.
i. Consider/Approve Building Permit - Thomas & Vivian White applied to build a garage at 191 Main Street. The building committee visited the site and approved. On motion by Al, second by Steve, the permit was approved. Jeanne recused.
j. Consider/Approve Fire Chief Retirement - Tom Chernouski submitted a letter that he would be stepping down as Fire Chief on July 1, 2018. The Board extended a thank you and appreciation for his years of service and wished him well in his endeavors. On motion by Steve, second by Jeanne the Board accepted the retirement/resignation. Pursuant to the ordinance the next ranking officer (Alex Novak) will become acting Chief on July 1, 2018.
k. Consider/Proposed Repeal/Create ordinances - The clerk indicated that the Insurance Company, CPA auditor, and attorney had made recommendations to bring sections 2.05, and 3.11 thru 3.16 into line with state requirements. Revised ordinances were provided and copies given to the Fire Chief and 1st Responder President to review. The clerk will await comments from the review.
l. Consider/Approve 2018 CMAR Resolution 2018-001- The DNR requires the Board to review the CMAR before submission to the department. In 2017 Ferryville had a 4.0 GPA on the report. On motion by Steve, second by Al, the board approved and signed the resolution.
m. Consider/Approve Street Music Permit - Jerry Books and Jim Smith wish to hire a band and provide music on the street on July 28th which requires a permit. On motion by Jeanne, second by Al, the Board approved a permit with music ending at the start of the fireworks show. .
10. Adjourn: On motion of Jeanne, second by Steve, the meeting adjourned at 7:00pm.

Note: The Board will meet in Special Session on Monday, June 25, 2018, 6pm at Village Hall.

Larry Quamme, Village Clerk - Treasurer