Village Board Meeting Minutes
August 16, 2023

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Steve Werner. Members in attendance: Steve, Kris, Gloria, Dan, Al, Brenda, and Cheryl.
2. Certification of Compliance with Open Meeting Law: The Clerk reported that the agenda was posted on 08/09/2023 in the usual places throughout the Village.
3. Approve Agenda: Steve motioned to approve, Gloria seconded, motion carried.
4. Approve Minutes of the July 19, 2023 Board Meeting: Gloria motioned that the Minutes of July 19,2023 be accepted as written, Kris seconded, motion carried.
5. Public Comments: Brad Kirchner is concerned about over grown brush on Maple Street, Dan will take care of it. Carla Haggerty wants to know if more yellow painting will be done on curbs, Dan stated it is finished
6. Department Items: Reports are on File
a. Village Clerk: Violation letters sent, Meeting with Al Buss on Thursday to go over new website, received complaint about boat ramp, referred to Dan, Building Permit issued for Ryan Deegan
b. Treasurer: Loans paid; all is running smoothly.
c. Public Works: Curb painting completed, sidewalk sprayed for weeds, asked that residents take better care of their own sidewalks, Sign being put up at boat launch to warn of drop off at the end of ramp, New banners being put up.
d. Fire/EMR: Al reported PFAS foam has been removed from FD, Replacement door for Engine one has been delivered, Train derailment compensation from BNSF is being worked on. Brenda reported still waiting on a couple of grants, Meat raffles this Saturday at Swedes, Fall Fest T sugar Creek Park 09/16/2023
e. FV & P, Tourism, and Farmers Market: Joanne stated they will continue to raise money for improvements at Village Hall, Soup and Salad Supper dates have been set, will replace broken play equipment at the park. Sherry stated Park entrance needs completion so they can plant flowers, would like FV7P and Tourism to use the office at Village Hall for storage, Planning Fall Fest, Christmas tree lighting Nov. 27, 2023 from 6-7.
f. President & Trustees: Steve Reported CDBG grant approved, Revaluation almost done in village, Open Book meeting 10/11/2023 8:30-4:30, Board of Review meeting 10/18/2023 2 hours before board meeting. Gloria will discuss Plan Commission meeting later, Kris received a fire works complaint and went over the ordinance with resident, Looked at plan for garage addition permit.
7. Approve Disbursements & Revenues (July 2023)
Steve motioned those expenditures in the amount of $23,515.64 and revenues and interest in the amount of $20,542.20 be approved in the Village general funds accounts for the month of July 2023, Gloria seconded, motion carried. Steve motioned Sewer Budget expenditures $9,394.29 and $13,177.81 in revenues and interest, Kris seconded the motion. The motion carried.
8.Old Business
a. Plan Commission Report: Ryland Monroe would like to split his lot into 3 parcels, reviewed by plan and commission and approved.
b. Consider/Approve: Ryland Monroe CSM, Steve motioned to approve, Goria seconded, motion approved
c. Discuss/Consider/Approve: Village Hall an FD Use, Kris motioned to not use the FD for parties and changed some wording, will add a line for special arrangements, DPW and Fire Chief need to sign and acknowledge agreement, Gloria seconded, motion carried Steve motioned to leave Community Center on rental agreement, Kris seconded, motioned carried.
d. Discuss/Consider/Approve: EMR Bylaws: Bylaws reviewed by village lawyer, Steve motioned to approve, Gloria seconded, motion carried.
e. Update Community Development Grant: Approval of Grant to fund the sewer project, sewer rates had to be increased or we would nor have received the grant.
f. Update on New Website: Meeting with Al Buss on Thursday.
g. Update any New Information Regarding Vacating Streets: None

10. New Business
a. Consider/Approve - New Fire/EMR Members - None
b. Consider/Approve -- Operators Licenses - None
c. Consider/Approve -- Building Permit: Ryan Deegan, garage attachment
d. Discuss/Consider/Approve - Review Calendar for September and October Meetings: Special meeting closed session 09/11/2023, CDBG training 9/14/2023, Board Meeting 9/20/2023, October preliminary budget meeting.
e. Discuss Any Other Issues That Come Before the Board: Gloria motioned to approve FV&P and Tourism usage of office at Village Hall for storage, Kris seconded, motion carried. Letters will be sent out for residents to maintain sidewalks.

10. Adjourn: Gloria motioned that the meeting adjourns. Kris seconded. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

Cheryl Meier Posted: 8/22/2023
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