Village Board Meeting Minutes

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:55 p.m. by Clerk Bridget Schill. Present included Steve Werner, Gloria Moore, Anna Ebner, Dan Mattson, Kent Salmon, Brenda Torger-Vassar, Tom Chernouski and Bridget Schill.
Certification of Open Meeting Law Requirements: Bridget confirmed that lawful notice of the public meeting had been posted on the official posting board and in the 3 other designated locations on March 9, 2021.
Public Comments: There were none.

Adoption of Resolution of No Public Need Re: Granting Easement To Century Link - Steve moved that the Resolution of "No Public Need" be approved. Gloria seconded. The motion was approved.

ADJOURN: The Hearing adjourned at 6:03 PM.

Bridget Schill Posted: March 30, 2021
Village Clerk Village Hall (in and out)
River Bank, USPS

MARCH 24, 2021

Present - In Hall - Steve Werner, Kent Salmon, Dan Mattson, BrendaTorger-Vassar
Remote - Gloria Moore, Anna Ebner, Alex Novak

1. Call to Order - The meeting was called to order at 6:02 PM by Steve Werner. The meeting was had at the Hall and remotely.
2. Certification of Open Meeting Posting Notice - The Clerk posted the meeting agenda in the usual places throughout the Village on 3/17/2021 and amended the posting 3/19/2021.
3. Approve Agenda - Gloria motioned that the Agenda be approved as posted. Steve seconded the motion. The motion carried.
4. Approve Minutes - Steve moved that the Minutes of Feb. 17, 2021 be approved. Gloria seconded. The motion carried.
5. Public Comments - None
6. Department Items -
Clerk - The Clerk reported that Bob Madvig has been contacted to set up Open Book. I have been contacted about progress made on allowing ATV/UTV passage into the Village from Cty. B. There will be weekly webinars by the NLC, National League of Cities, and the Wisconsin League of Municipalities regarding monies available to communities through the ARP, American Rescue Plan. These webinars will explain when and how the money may be used. There will be an election April 6, 2021 for State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Village Offices and School Board offices. The polls will be open from 7 AM to 8 PM. I received a complaint from an individual about clerks not wearing masks in Village stores. A reminder that there still is a mandate in effect.
Treasurer - Kent reports that things are running smoothly. First quarter sewer bills are coming in with some people paying more than a quarter at a time. The new process seems to have been received well.
Public Works - Dan reports that he is starting to put winter equipment away. He has been meeting with contractors involved with the lagoon project. The boat launch has been very busy of late. He has printed new annual passes. The daily fee is $3.00 and the annual pass is $25.00. The docks will be installed as soon as the risk of high water is over. Thanks to Tom White for helping install the lagoon aerator. Spring Clean Up is May 7 - 8 and the dumpster has been ordered. He is still picking up garbage on Eagle Mountain to protect the roads. The burn area is now open to residents, unless things get muddy. The metal dumpster is open Fridays 9 - 11 or by appointment.
Fire/EMR - Brenda reports that the EMR received their raffle license, so they will be working on fund raising. Anna is finishing her classes. They had a successful Meat Bundle Raffle at Jerry's Sportsman's Bar. $1,630.00 was raised. Another raffle is set for May 15. Alex reports that the FD will be house burn training in Wheatland March 27, April 2, April 10 and April 23. He is requesting that they be allowed to take the fire engine out of the Village with them to the training site to facilitate travel time if a call were to come in while they were at training. Steve will look into this with the insurance company. They would not be using the engine for any part of the training.
Village President and Trustees' - Steve thanks Eagle Mountain residents for their cooperation with Dan in getting their trash out in a timely manner. Thanks to Dan for the snow plowing and sanding. Regarding the Internet upgrades - Century Link hopes to start soon. Vernon Communications has had their grant approved, but we haven't heard of a schedule yet. The lagoon project is commencing and Greg Jewell will give an update tonight. Pine street paving and other Village roads will done this summer. Steve is working on a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). This is needed for securing grants. Thanks to our polls workers. The Village will be receiving money from the American Rescue Plan, amount to be determined still.
7. Approve Disbursement & Revenues (February 2021) - Steve motioned that expenditures in the amount of $179,705.92 and revenues and interest in the amount of $4,897.53 be approved in the Village General Fund for the month of February 2021. Anna seconded. The motion carried. Steve motioned that expenditures in the amount of $9,290.97 and revenue and interest in the amount of $2,024.04 be approved in the Village Sewer Utility for the month of February 2021. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried.

8. Old Business
a. Greg Jewel was present to give an update on the Lagoon Project. The design phase is done. He brought in the preliminary drawings. Permits are coming in April. The project will be let in April with bids approved in May. Cleaning the lagoons, seeding the area, replacing the aerators, and new electric will be
ongoing throughout the summer. FEMA has extended the deadline for completion from the end of September to the end of the year.
b. Internet Upgrades - These topics were covered in the President's Report.
9. New Business
a. Consider/Approve - Fireworks Permits: Mike Callaway was present and donated $820.00 to the Village and the same to the FD/EMR. The Village thanks Mike very much. Gloria moved that the application for Selling Fireworks and applications for dates of fireworks presentations be approved. Anna seconded the motion. The motion carried. The fees were collected and permits issued.
b. Consider/Approve - On Street Parking Concerns, Time Limits: Michael Callaway, owner of Cheapo Depot has requested that there be some time limits in front of the store to assure parking for their customers. The Village will research the cost of signs, any state approval needed, enforcement issues, etc. Steve asked to table the discussion until next month, when there might be some answers.
c. Consider/Approve - Century Link Easement Documents, Motion to Approve Granting Easement to Century Link, Resolution: Steve motioned that the Resolution of No Public Need be approved as written. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion was approved. Steve motioned that the Easement Purchase Letter Agreement and the Easement Agreement be approved. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried.
d. Consider/Approve - Agreement with Harris Re: Payment for Exchange of Title to Property Involved in Easement - Steve motioned that upon receipt of payment from the Telephone of Wisconsin USA, LLC (Century Link) the Village of Ferryville will reimburse those funds to Arnold Harris. Mr. Harris will concede all claims to these properties before the funds are transferred. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried.
e. Consider/Approve - New Fire/EMR Members (if any) - None
f. Consider/Approve Operator's Licenses (if any) - Steve motioned that Operator's Licenses be issued to Peggy Ahmetasevic and Scott Larson. Anna seconded the motion. The motion carried.
g. Consider/Approve - Alcohol License New Owner, Wooden Nickel - This will be on the April agenda.
h. Consider/Approve - Village Hall Requests - After some discussion, the Board decided that the Village Hall can be rented with the reduced capacity of 30 people, with social distancing and masks. Those renting must understand that if guidelines change on the State or County level, reservations could be canceled.
i. Consider/Approve - Seasonal Public Works Employee Position - Steve motioned that the Village approve hiring Michael Mattson for the 2021 season. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried.
j. Consider/Approve - Adopt a Capital Improvement Plan - Steve explained that the Village needs to adopt a CIP with public input, contractor input and input from others in the know. A CIP helps facilitate obtaining grants. Steve moved that the Village accept this preliminary CIP for 2020-2027. Anna seconded the motion. The motion carried. Steve and Bridget will get input from the public.
10. Adjourn- Anna motioned that the meeting adjourn. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Bridget Schill Posted 3/30/2021
Village Clerk Village Hall (in and out)
River Bank, USPS