Village Board Meeting Minutes
Village of Ferryville
Date: August, 22 2019
Present: President Pat Delaney
Trustee Steve Werner, Trustee Gloria Moore
Clerk/Treasurer, Heather Caya
1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M. by President Pat Delaney. Present included trustees Steve Werner, Gloria Moore and Clerk Heather Caya.
2. Certification of Open Meeting Law Requirements: Heather confirmed that lawful notice of the public meeting had been posted on the official posting board on 08/16/2019 and in the 3 other designated locations in the Village and posted on
3. Approve Agenda: Gloria moved and Steve made the second to approve the agenda.
4. Consider Closed Session: Steve moved to go into closed session per WI Stat Per ss. 1985 (1)(c) "Consideration if employment…performance of any public employee…" On a second by Gloria, the clerk called roll, Pat aye, Steve, aye, Gloria, aye the motion was approved and the Board went into closed session.
Return to Open Session - 7 P.M.
5. Call to Order: Pat made the motion to return to open meeting and Steve made the second. Motion carried.
6. Certification of Open Meeting Law Requirements: Heather confirmed that lawful notice of the public meeting had been posted on the official posting board on 08/16/2019 and in the 3 other designated locations in the Village and posted on
7. Approve Agenda: Steve moved and Pat made the second to approve the agenda.
8. Presentation - Gregg Jewell from Jewell Engineering - Eagle MT Roads: Gregg Jewell made a presentation regarding the 16 locations considered to be in the most dire need to be repaired on the Eagle Mt. Roads. 12 inches of breaker run and 8 inches of base aggregate with a double chip seal in total estimate of $69,750. In a paperwork provided to the board it has been broken down by each road on Eagle Mt. It was stated that the most needed areas could be repaired and less needed could be in a plan for following years, inflation would most likely occur and the costs would increase. If the double chip seal was held off it could cause further damage due to moister. If all roads on Eagle Mt were to be double chip sealed the estimate would run 126,972.22. Roads in the "Village" estimate of $45,152.22. Jewell would help prioritize which roads are in the most need for repair and layout a plan over the next several years. Discussion of a grant to fund the project was discussed and Jewell would assist in applying for the grant open in October, if approved for the grant would be notified in January or February.
9. Approve Minutes - July 17 and August 5: On a motion by Steve and seconded by Pat the minutes form the July 17, 2019 were approved. On a motion by Gloria and second by Pat the minutes for August 5, 2019 were approved. Both motions carried
10. Public Comments: It was questioned if the Public Works employee Daniel Matson had quit, confirmed by Pat Daniel Matson had resigned the position and it has been posted for anyone to apply. Additional questions regarding if tasks around the Village would be complete, such as the curbs being painted, sweeping of the streets by the curbs, and weeds being taken care of. Pat confirmed that these tasks along with a list he will continue to work on will be taken care of when the man power allows. It was also questioned why the flowers were being watered while it was raining, the board will follow up on this matter. Also during public comments Al Kirchner presented the detailed list of the training he conducted with Daniel Matson and the billing statement for this training.
11. Department Items:
A. Village Clerk/Treasurer: Heather reported that a Ford key was found in the parking lot and placed in the Village drop box. The key is a single ignition key which appears to be for a truck. The key ring is a blue Dahl Ford ring. If anyone is missing this key contact Heather at 608-734-9406. An email was received from Patrick Delaney stating that the key is possibly for the Village Dump Truck, while parked in front of the Public Works building the key was removed.

B. Public Works: It has been advertised for a new Public Works Employee.
C. President's Report: Pat reported the water has finally dropped to normal levels and repairs and clean-up of the area are being taken care of and into use. The docks are in and being used. Several projects in the Village are being worked on and projects being researched and planning progress. Pat also presented Daniel Mattson has resigned from the public works position and the Village is in the process of advertising and hiring a new employee. It was also requested if anyone has a comment or complaint that is be addressed either by coming to a Board Meeting and voicing during Public Comments or in written form sent to the board members or the village clerk. All issues can be addressed correctly and formally. The Robert's have donated a snow blower to the Village, Thank you for the donation.
D. Fire: A JAWs Vehicle Extrication class through SWTC will take place September 21 and 22, 2019. Surrounding Fire Departments will attend this training with 30 available seats. Several vehicles have been donated for the training and will be disposed of shortly after the training. Also an advanced extrication class in mid-October. Wheatland Fire Department would like to pay for the installation of a soap dispensing machine for the Ferryville Fire Dept. turn out gear extractor (washing machine). Chief Novak and Cody Hobbs completed a controlled burn for Charles Morel, Morel donated $200 for their services. Chief Novak has power washed both pavilions at the park and ball diamond as well as in front of the Fire Dept. and Community Center. Cody Hobbs has been appointed as Captain of the Fire Department.
EMR: Brenda was not able to attend the meeting, Alex Novak reported for EMR. The approval from the WI Division of Public Health for the Non-Visualized Airway (I-Gel) was received. One of each size was ordered. Was notified by Village Clerk assistant Larry Quamme that the DNR check went to the Village for a Wildland/Grass Fire that was on Buck Creek. Requesting that $150 go to the Village and $450 go to the Fire Dept. as the money was earned through sweat and exhaustion. First Responder By Laws are done and approved by the Liaison for the board approval.
E. Plan Commission: Plan commission met August 9, 2019 and the minutes have been posted for review. Discussed was the filling of the wetlands and flood plain at 60898 N. Buck Creek. A decision was made in compliance with the ordinance of the Village and DNR to have the fill removed by all parties involved, Delaney, Monroe and STRUB Blacktopping & Trucking, LLC. Also discussed was the failure to obtain a Land Disturbance Permit and Erosion Control at 14734 State Highway 35. A permit was granted and a fee assessed at 5 times the normal fee.
F. Vision & Promotion Board Report: Report read by Patrick Delaney regarding the cancellation of the fireworks on July 27, 2019. The fireworks were canceled this year based on the recommendation of Mike Callaway. Given the river was unusually high coupled with a faster than normal current, it was decided launching the fireworks from the river was unsafe. Alternative sites were considered but with the flooding ad high water these options were not pursued. The donations collected will remain in a segregated account of the FV & PB and used to support the fireworks in 2020. Contributions were returned to anyone who requested. If there are concerns or questions regarding the fireworks fund or any aspect of FV & PB please do not hesitate to contact Therese Ahlers at 608-444-7985 or
12. Disbursements/Revenues: Steve motioned that expenditures in the amount of $21,241.50 and Revenues in the amount of $14,090.61 be approved from the General Budget for the month of June 2019. Pat seconded the motion. The motion carried. Steve motioned expenditures in the amount of $748.85 and revenues in the amount of $3,021.90 from the Sewer Funds be approved for the Month of June, 2019. Pat seconded the motion. The motion carried.
13. Old Business:
A. Consider Payment for Parr's Septic Service, LLC: A motion by Steve to approve payment for the Parr's Septic Service, LLC in the amount of $750 and a second by Gloria, motion carried.
B. Consider Payment for STRUB Invoice: A motion by Gloria to approve payment for SRRUB invoice in the amount of $500 and a second by Steve, motion carried.
C. Consider/Discuss/Approve - Eagle Mt. Roads Project: Board will now consider what funds they have to work with and the different options and plans to move forward with the project. Will consider a special meeting for discussion. Table until additional options are considered.
D. Consider/Discuss - Main Start Storm Drains: A verbal quote was given to Pat of $500 each storm drain for a temporary repair to level the drains from Concrete Concepts. No other quotes have been received. No quotes have been received to repair the drains. Pat had stated he was advised it could cost between $5,000 and $7,000 for the repairs. Tabled.
A. Consider/Confirm - New Appointments to Fire and/or EMR: Alex Novak advised Cody Hobbs has been appointed Captain of the Fire Department. On a motion by Steve and a second by Pat Cody Hobbs was approved as Captain of the Fire Dept. Motion carried.
B. Consider/Approve Amended Fire/EMR Departments By-Laws: With the Fire Dept. and EMR being two separate entities, the ordinance needs to be corrected to read as such. Approval of the By-Lays has been tabled until September 18, 2019 meeting.
C. Consider/Approve - Out of service Policy for the Fire and/or EMR: The policy for the Fire Dept. out of service has been tabled until it can be presented to the insurance company for approval or suggestions to ensure would be covered by insurance.
D. Consider/Discuss - Changes to Employee Handbook and Job Description of Public Works Employee: Steve motioned to change the language in the employee hand book under Personnel Supervision to read as: Complete all public works duties and sewer duties on a weekly work schedule provided by the Village President or Board appointed designee. This duty requires frequent communications with the Village President or Board appointed designee, on progress and/or delays. Pat seconded the motion, motion carried. Pat made a motion to change the language in the employee handbook under time cards Full and part-time employees will be paid every two weeks per their time sheet on the Tuesday a week after the two week time period, giving a week delay. This to take effect on the pay period ending September 7, 2019 with the first check to be issued with the date September 17, 2019. On a second by Steve, motion carried. On a motion by Steve the language in the Position Description for Public Works Maintenance Position Waste Water Treatment System Operator under General Statement of Duties be change to read Reports issues and concerns to the Village President or Board appointed designee as needed on a second by Pat, motion carried. On a motion by Steve to add the language or Board appointed designee under job duties sections 1 (2times), 6(2times), 7, 9, 15, 16 and 20 a second by Pat motion carried.
E. Consider/Discuss/Approve Public Works Daily Tasks: Pat entertained a motion to appoint Steve as a designee while Pat is working out of the village to oversee the volunteers on what work is being done and will continue to compile a list of tasks to be done. Gloria motioned for Steve Werner to oversee volunteers working in the Village when Pat is not available to do so. On a second by Pat, motion carried.
F. Consider/Discuss/Approve - Status of Boat Docks at the Boat Launch: All docks are in a couple of boards were needed to be replaced. There was some damage from high water, a bill has not yet been received.
G. Consider/Approve Operator Licenses: Applications had been received from Robert Schmidt, Kylie Allen and Jessica Oneal. The clerk reported that all requirements had been met and fees were paid. Pat moved that licenses be granted, Steve seconded the motion. Motion carried. Pat motioned to approve an operator license for Aubreanna McQuade pending certificate of completion of the alcohol seller server course is received and all requirements are met. Gloria seconded the motion, motion carried.
H. Consider/Approve - Building Permit Application: Building permit for Patrick Delaney has been tabled until September 18, 2019.
I. Consider/Discuss/Approve - Financing for Eagle Mt. Roads: Further discussion possibly in a special board meeting to see how to go about the financing for the project. Possible gravel fill for a temporary fix. Tabled at this time.
J. Consider/Approve - Land Disturbance Application: Plan Commission approved the Land Disturbance Application to Patrick Delaney on August 5, 2019. Gloria motion the Village Board to approve the application. Steve seconded the motion, motion carried. Pat abstained.
13. Adjourn: On motion of Pat, second by Steve the meeting adjourned at 8:54 p.m.

Heather Caya
Village Clerk