Village Board Meeting Minutes
Village Board Meeting Minutes
Village of Ferryville
Special Board Meeting
August 5, 2019
Present: President Delaney, Trustee Moore, Trustee Werner
1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Delaney at 7:00pm.
Clerk Caya was absent, President Delaney appointed Trustee Werner as Secretary for this meeting.
2. Certification of Open Meeting: Werner confirmed that lawful notice of the public meeting had been posted on the official posting board on 08/05/2019 and in the 3 other designated locations in the Village
3. Approve Agenda Motion by President Delaney second Trustee Moore
Consider Closed Session: Steve moved to go into closed session per WI Stat Per ss. 1985 (1)(c) "Consideration if employment?performance of any public employee?" On a second by Gloria, the appointed clerk called the roll, Pat aye, Steve, aye, Gloria, aye the motion was approved and the Board went into closed session.
Return to Open session at 8:04pm.
4. Public Comments No comments
A. Accept resignation of Daniel Mattson, Public Works employee.
Motion by Werner, second by Moore: to accept resignation effective
Friday August 2, 2019. motion passed
B. Consider/Approve position description Public Works employee. Tabled
1. After discussion of how to amend the supervisory language for Employee Position Description and Employee Handbook no changes at this time. President Delaney asked Werner to come up with some possible changes and present this at the next meeting.
2. Werner agreed and said he would confer with the Village Clerk.
3. Motion by Delaney, second Werner: Werner will develop language for Board to consider at next meeting. Passed
C. Consider/Approve employment announcement.
1. Motion by Delaney, second by Moore: Village Clerk to develop employment announcement, starting wage $15.50 per hour. Passed

D. Approve posting advertising of employment announcement.
1. Motion by Delaney, second by Moore: Village Clerk will post as soon as possible employment announcement, starting wage $15.50 / hour. Passed
E. Discuss/Approve how to continue with Public Works duties.
Motion by Werner, second by Moore: for Delaney to take on responsibilities of Public Works Passed
1. Village Directory will reflect Patrick Delaney as Public Works contact
2. President Delaney noted that he will solicit appropriate volunteers to assist with placing the docks
at the village boat landing.
3. Routine maintenance, weed control, etc., President Delaney is hoping to find a part time employee.
4. Waste water system: President Delaney will be responsible.

F. Adjourn: Motion by Werner second Delaney Passed 8:26pm.

Steve Werner

Village of Ferryville
Date: August 9, 2019

Present: Gloria Moore (Chairperson), Larry Quamme, Frank Sudol, Michael White, Paul Arena, Commission Secretary, Heather Caya, Ryland Monroe and Patrick Delaney.

1. Call to Order: The Plan Commission meeting was called to order at 4:00pm by Chairperson Gloria Moore. All commissioners were present.
2. Certification of Open Meeting Posting: Gloria Moore confirmed that lawful notice of the public meeting had been posted on the official posting boards on 08/08/2019 at approximately noon.
3. Gloria Moore moved that agenda number 2 and 3 to be switched in order of review. On second by
Larry, the motion was approved.
4. Consider/Review/Issue Orders - Filling of Material in Flood Plain and Wetlands - 60898 North Buck Creek Road -It was stated by Mr. Monroe that no permission was given to him to fill the land by anyone in the village. He stated he spoke with someone with the DNR from La Crosse last fall and was advised he could saw trees in the area but cannot touch the roots of the trees. He stated he was advised he could fill up to 1 ¼ acre of the land but would incur a fine of $10,000 if he did fill in the wetlands. This permission was by verbal conversation with no written consent. When he purchased the land he was aware of it being in wet lands but unaware of it being in a zone A floodplain. Commission members asked Mr. Monroe if he had given permission to Patrick Delaney to bring fill dirt to his property (Crawford County parcel 126-0113-0002) and he indicated he had approved. Mr. Delaney, upon questioning, stated that he was removing fill from his property and that Mr. Monroe had agreed to take the fill which was trucked to the property by Strub Blacktopping & Trucking LLC trucks, a Lansing Iowa company. A member asked who pushed the fill into the wetlands and flood plain portions of the property and neither could name the person. However Mr. Delaney and Mr. Monroe indicated that a crawler tractor, which was witnessed by a commission member and photographed, was owned by Strub and "tracks" were noted in the filled area left by the tractor.
A possible violation compliant was initiated to the Wisconsin DNR and on August 1st, David Hon, a DNR Water Management Specialist, with verbal permission from Mr. Monroe, entered the property along with Ms. Moore. Mr. Hon's inspection noted that the wetland met the test for wetlands and noted that some of the fill is on the slope in the delineated and mapped Zone a floodplain. Letters dated July 25, 2019 to Mr. Monroe, and to the Village of Ferryville, and August 2, 2019 were reviewed by the commission. The letters indicate the jurisdiction and the state statutes and the Village ordinances regarding the filling of the wetlands and shoreland Zone A floodplain. He indicated that no record could be found in the DNR records of approving filling or issuing a permit to Mr. Monroe. Information was presented to the commission that Mr. Monroe the property owner, and all persons who aid and abet the commission of the violation of filling is a party to the event by state statute. Mr. Hon's August 2, 2019 letter indicated that by his inspection an area approximately 156 feet long by 36 feet wide covering 5,616 square feet had been filled. A map was also provided.
On a motion by Michael White, Mr. Monroe, Mr. Delaney and Strub Blacktopping & Trucking LLC be ordered and required to remove the dirt fill, at their expense, at 60898 North Buck Creek Road as determined by Mr. Hon a WI DNR Employee no later than September 15, 2019. On second By Larry Quamme, all commission members voted to approve the order. If there is disagreement on the delineation of the fill to be removed, the commission will request that Mr. Hon assist the commission. The commissioners requested that the secretary prepare the minutes and the Chair notify the three parties in a timely manner.
5. Review/Approve Land Disturbance Permit Application and Erosion Control Plan - 14734 State Highway 35 - Patrick Delaney appeared and indicated that he was unaware of the need to obtain a land disturbance permit as required by village ordinance chapter 21. The short term erosion plan requirements were discussed and Mr. Delaney presented detailed plans for long term erosion control. The plan calls for the use of retaining walls and stabilization requirements to protect washing and soil erosion. On a motion by Larry Quamme, second by Michael White, the plan Commission approved that Patrick Delaney be granted the land disturbance permit at 14734 State Highway 35, with the fees assessed 5 times the normal fee due to the project being started before the permit, as provided by the ordinance, be granted and requires the Commission chairperson to monitor the construction of the long term plan presented to the commission by the land owner. Motion was approved and the commission recommends approval by the Village Board.
6. Zoning Ordinance Status - After discussion regarding ordinance chapter 22 and possible new guideline development for disturbances involving detached structures, the item was tabled and a policy will be developed for consideration by the commission.
Adjourn: On motion by Michael, second by Larry, the meeting adjourned at 5:18pm.

Heather Caya, Secretary

Attached: Letters 7/25/19 & 08/02/2019
DNR Ref: ENF-WC-2019-12-02471