Village Board Meeting Minutes
Village of Ferryville
Date: June 19, 2019

Present: President Pat Delaney
Trustee Steve Werner, Trustee Gloria Moore
Clerk/Treasurer, Heather Caya; Training Clerk, Larry Quamme

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by President Pat Delaney. Present included trustees Steve Werner and Gloria Moore and Clerk Heather Caya.
2. Certification of Open Meeting Law Requirements: Heather confirmed that lawful notice of the public meeting had been posted on the official posting board on 06/14//2019 and in the 3 other designated locations in the Village and posted on
3. Approve Agenda: Steve moved and Gloria made the second to approve the agenda.
4. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting: On motion by Steve, second by Gloria, the minutes of the Board Meeting, held on May 15, 2019 and May21, 2019 were approved as written.
5. Public Comments: Sherry Quamme. Treasurer of Ferryville Tourism Council gave a report with information. Rummage along the River held May 17 & 18 has proven to have a positive economic impact even with the weather less than ideal. The Ferryville Tourism Council continues to work to promote Ferryville. The Tourism Council has noticed that weed management is needed and met with Dan, Public Works, and have worked out a plan to control the weeds and improve the appearance. The recent Chautauqua program talking about the Railroading along the Mississippi was attended by 45 people from the region. The next scheduled program is scheduled July 10 at 6:30 p.m. village hall. The tourism Council and Vision & Promotion are working on plans with the Tractor Association for River Bluff Daze held July 27.
6. Department Items:
Fire & EMR Department: Alex reported while filling a pool on Cty C for operational training the rear differential blew and both rear axles broke. Bob's towing was contacted and the truck was taken to Severson's in Lancing. This is believed to be of normal wear and tear after 31 years of use, examples from other departments with similar issues were given. At this time the invoice from Bob's towing or Severson's have not been received. The approximate quote was given of $2,200 at the time of repairs.
Public Works: Dan reported there still an issue with high water. Sugar Creek Park continues to have standing water and remains closed, the ball diamond is useable for Market in the Park. The burn pile area is open, just stay on the access road. Boat launch remains closed and looking to putting up the docks in the near future. Boring by NTS on the Eagle Mountain roads have been performed, the boring samples will indicate what will need to be done. Several contractors have been contacted regarding the repairs needed on the building back of the fire station. Contractors have declined to submit quotes, declined to view the structure and others are too busy to view the structure. Dan and stated his training is going well with Al Kirchner, they have completed several hours on hands on training on the sewer system. Julia Stevenson with WI DNR inspected the sewer facilities on June 7th for an issuance of a permit for the Village for the next 5 years.
Presidents Report: Pat presented that the river is starting to recede and preparations for the Park and Boat launch to open are underway. Boring samples have been completed on Eagle Mountain roads, when results are in a meeting with Jewel engineering will be held to discuss moving forward with the project. A compliance meeting with the DNR was held and was passed. Currently working with officials to acquire new sewer permit. Market in the park is in full swing. Pat has also announced that he will be stepping down from Ferryville Fire and EMR. Pat would like to concentrate efforts on the present issues with the village.

10. Disbursements/Revenues: Steve motioned that expenditures in the amount of $27,238.45 and Revenues in the amount of $7,498.34 be approved from the General Budget for the month of May. Pat seconded the motion. The motion carried. Steve motioned expenditures in the amount of $1,181.77 and revenues in the amount of $313.74 from the Sewer Funds be approved for the Month of April, 2019. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried.
11. Old Business:
a. Consider/Approve quote for Fire Department Roof Replacement: Dan reported the contractors he has contacted are currently too busy to look at the damage or do not want to quote the work. Still working on quotes at this time.
b. Consider/Approve 2019 Plan - Sewer Main Infiltration Projects: Pat has made contact with several contractors and have a couple people coming to view the flow for themselves and will be entering the manholes.
c. Consider/Approve Main Street Storm Drains Project: Pat has also reported that he has made contact with several people and has scheduled a couple people to view the manholes to view the drains and pipe connection.
a. Consider/Approve - 2019/2020 Cigarette Licenses: Pat made motion to approve the reapplication for cigarette licenses. Steve seconded the motion. Motion carried.
b. Consider/Approve 2019/2020 Alcohol Licenses: Steve motioned to approve 2019/2020 alcohol licenses, Pat seconded the motion. Motion carried.
c. Consider/Approve Operator Licenses: Application had been received from Steven Hansen. The clerk reported that all requirements had been met and fees were paid. Steve moved that licenses be granted to Pat seconded the motion. Motion carried.
d. Consider/Approve Village Insurance Plan: Pat motioned to approve the Village insurance plan with a second by Gloria, the motion carried.
e. Consider/Approve - Resolution # 2019-001 Support 3c Co-Op: Steve made a motion to approve the resolution #2019-001 Support 3c Co-Op. Pat seconded the motion, motion carried.
f. Consider/Approve - Resolution # 2019-002 Support Telecommuting Options: Pat made motion to approve Resolution #2019-002 Support Telecommuting Options. Gloria seconded the motion. Motion carried.
g. Consider 1st Reading - Ordinance Chapter 25 Broadband Network: Pat made motion to accept that the 1st reading for the ordinance chapter 25 broadband network has been received. Steve seconded the motion. Motion carried.
h. Consider/Approve - Building Permits: Pat made motion to approve garage building permits for Ronald & Lana Miller and Dan Biesterfelt. Gloria seconded the motion. Motion carried.
i. Consider/Approve 2019 eCMAR (year 2018): With everything being in compliance Pat made motion to approve the 2019 eCMAR. Steve seconded the motion. Motion carried.
k. Consider/Approve Trustee Liaison Fire/EMR Department: With motion by Gloria to appoint Steve as Fire/EMR liaison and seconded by Pat. Steve was appointed as Liaison.
l. Consider/Approve - Staff - DNR Noncompliance Action: With a motion by Steve and seconded by Pat. Larry Quamme was appointed to represent the village with this matter. Motion carried

13. Adjourn: On motion of Steve, second by Gloria the meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Heather Caya, Village Clerk