Village Board Meeting Minutes
Village of Ferryville
Date: April 17, 2019

Present: President Al Kirchner, President Pat Delaney
Trustee Steve Werner, Trustee Gloria Moore, Trustee Jeanne Rutter (absent)
Clerk/Treasurer, Heather Caya & Larry Quamme

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 7:00PM by Village President Al Kirchner. Trustee Steve Werner was present along with Clerk Heather Caya and Larry Quamme. Jeanne Rutter was absent.
2. Certification of Open Meeting Law Requirements: Larry and Heather confirmed that lawful notice of the public meeting had been posted on the official posting board on 04/13/2019 and in the 3 other designated locations in the Village and posted on
3. Approve Agenda: Al moved to amend the agenda moving the "Board Presentation" in front of the "Oaths". Steve seconded the motion and the motion was approved.
4. Presentation - Larry presented Al with a plaque noting his 11 years of service as a trustee and village president. Larry also presented a plaque honoring Jeanne Rutter's 10 years of service as a trustee. The plaque will be given to her. Al presented Larry with a plaque noting his 15 years of service as the Municipal Judge and Clerk-Treasurer. The larger than average number of people attending the meeting thanked the people leaving their offices and extended their appreciation with a round of applause.
5. Oath- Larry welcomed and administered the oath of office to incoming Clerk-Treasurer, Heather Caya.
6. Oaths and Seating - Clerk Heather administered the oaths of office to Trustee Gloria Moore and Village President Pat Delaney and they were seated.
7. Approve Minutes of Previous Meeting: On motion by Steve, second by Gloria, the minutes of the Board Meeting, held on March 20, 2019 were approved as written.
8. Public Comments: Larry indicated that representatives of the 3C Co-op group involved in planning high speed internet services across Crawford County would be presenting their program information on May 15, 2019 at 7pm before the regular village board meeting. All village residents are urged to attend.
9. Department Items:
Village Clerk: Larry introduced Heather Caya the new clerk-treasurer appointed by the board and welcomed her. The spring election was conducted on April 2, 2019 and 84 of 152 registered voters came to the poll. Clean-up of the park and boat landing, Adopt-A-Highway and the Friends of Pool 9 River cleanup are all on hold due to the flood conditions, Rummage along the River is scheduled for May 17th and 18th. The Village Spring clean-up dumpster will be at the Public Works shop on May 2, 3, and 4th. The Tourism Council along with the Mississippi Valley Conservancy and Mayo Health System is sponsoring the Spring Migration Day hike on May 11th (see posting boards for details). The Lagoon Street culvert bridge, destroyed for the second time in August, 2018, received FEMA approval and bids are scheduled for opening on April 18th. The engineers estimate to replace structure is $100,200 which will be funded 75% by FEMA, 12.5% by the state, and 12.5% by the village.
Fire & EMR Department: The 2019 first quarter financials were reviewed. Acting Chief Alex reported that the back pack bottles had been tested and that a grant was being prepared to fund new turnout gear for department members.
Public Works: Pat Delaney reported on flood conditions at the boat landing and the park. The burn pile remains closed. He also indicated that substantial damage occurred to Eagle Mt. streets as the frost thawed. He reminded everyone that the metal recycling dumpster is available on Friday mornings at the public works garage. He reported that televising of several main sewer lines was conducted showing several areas of infiltration. Discussion occurred on what areas were more severe and the board requested that he prepare some action plans for review at the May meeting.

10. Disbursements/Revenues: Steve motioned that expenditures in the amount of $43,728.98 and Revenues in the amount of $18,425.01 be approved from the General Budget for the month of March, 2019. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried. Steve motioned expenditures in the amount of $4,467.43 and revenues in the amount of $9,835.09 from the Sewer Funds be approved for the Month of March, 2019. Gloria seconded the motion. The motion carried.


a. Consider/Approve Fire/EMR Appointment Procedure: On 7/25/2018 ordinance 2.05 was approved requiring Village Board appointment of the Fire Chief and EMR Director. The ordinance states that both positions be filled by a qualified person following applications, selection and approval by the board. Various options and alternatives were discussed. Steve offered a motion that the procedure be formalized and members of the department, interested in the position, provide a letter of interest/resume and provide it to the Village Board by May 5, 2019. Pat offered the second and after discussion the motion was approved. After receiving the letters, the board will schedule a meeting to review/interview the candidates for selection to the positions which are 3 year terms by the ordinance. Alex and Brenda were requested to notify department members of the procedure at the next meeting of the department.
b. Consider/Approve New Fire/EMR Personnel: Department members approved membership for Cody Hobbs. On motion by Steve, second by Gloria the board approved membership to the department but that he not be allowed to drive emergency vehicles until he was age 18 and completed the driving certification. Gloria made the second and the motion was approved.
c. Consider/Approve Operator Licenses: Applications had been received from Ashley Baumeister, Jennifer Davis, Brittany Wallace and Roxanne Bye. The clerk reported that all requirements had been met and fees were paid. Steve moved that licenses be granted to the four applicants and on second by Gloria, the motion was approved.
d. Consider/Approve Building Permit: Shirley Alton applied for a permit to construct a garage/storage building at 14710 State Highway 35. The Board Building Committee recommended approval after inspection of the site. On motion by Steve, second by Gloria, the motion was approved and the clerk will issue the permit.
e. Consider/Approve Part-time Public Works Employee: On motion by Steve, second by Pat, Jeff Crowley will be hired at $10 per hour for a maximum of 350 hours. The motion was approved. Jeff worked for the village during the summer of 2018 as well.
f. Consider/Approve Public Works Employee: Following advertising 3 people applied for the open position. One of the candidates took another position and the remaining 2 were interviewed and a selection recommended. Steve moved to employ Dan Mattson effective April 15, 2019 at wages of $15.50 per hour with a 6 month probationary period. On second by Gloria, the motion was approved. Pat will provide an appointment letter to Dan.
g. Consider/Approve Plans for the Fire Department Roof Replacement: The back fire department garage roof is leaking and must be replaced. A quote was obtained in November, 2018 and the contractor indicated that he would remove and replace the steel roof and trims but the cost would not include any structural repair. There is concern that structure repairs will be needed. The clerk indicated that the project was budgeted for $10,000. The board directed Pat to explore the quote and also get additional quotes for consideration at the May meeting.
h. Consider/Approve Open Book & Board of Review: Steve moved to schedule the Open Book on Wednesday, May 15 from 12:00pm to 2:00pm and the Board of Review (BOR) on Thursday, May 23, 2019 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. On second by Gloria the dates were approved. The clerk will post the information and publish the class 1 notice.
i. Consider/Discuss Street Conditions: Pat reviewed the material prepared by the clerk. Eagle Roost Road must be graveled again as soon as the road bands are removed and Public Works should get quotes and proceed with the project. Eagle Mt. streets have suffered major pavement break up and alternatives and options were reviewed and discussed as well as financing options. Pat will seek some more assistance from engineers and prepare more information for the May meeting. .
12. Adjourn: On motion of Steve, second by Gloria, the meeting adjourned at 8:20pm.

Heather Caya
Village Clerk